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Problem with your methods

Posted by hecticskeptic on 03 Jul 2013 at 09:06 GMT

Hi, I feel like if you consistently didn't find high levels of FC or E-Coli, you messed up in your methods somewhere... It would be nice to see more immediate testing rather than freezing and testing later. Also, If it is in fact true that levels of FC and other contaminants are at safe levels your conclusion/claims in your introduction of how grazing works well with other forms of uses in the Sierra stretches a bit too far from what you show in the study. I don't like swimming when there are huge piles of Cow dung all over the banks of a stream... it stinks, attracts bugs, and is extremely unsightly and a miserable experience to hike through... ask anyone who has hiked trails that are open to horses in Yosemite in late summer... You make big claims that are only supported by the fact that in "12 sites"... didn't detect a large decrease in water quality...

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