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Autopsy study - Brain and Spinal Cord as Sanctuary sites

Posted by inmacdonald on 03 Mar 2012 at 18:15 GMT

Dr M. Embers and Colleagues Primate Borreliosis study : Essential Role of the Autopsy


The Contribution of Autopsy Studies

The study of Dr M. Embers was important, Elaborate, and Autopsy Inclusive
Other Primate Chronic Lyme Borreliosis infection studies offer insights into the Pathogenesis
which up to this moment have no comparable Model in human patients in the study of Chronic Lyme Borreliosis ...
(ACA as the noncontroversial example of Tertiary Lyme Borreliosis)....
( Controversial examples of Tertiary Lyme borreliosis in humans include the Brain Autopsy studies
of Dr Judith Miklossy and myself)...
A Complete Autopsy gives information which exceeds the information derived from a Partial Autopsy.

Examination of the Brain and spinal cord by Autopsy is the most frequently omitted tissue in the Autopsy in the 21st century. Therefore, we must be aware of the limitations of any autopsy which omits Brain and Spinal cord. In the arena of Lyme disease, there is abundant evidence that
Borrelia infections target neural sites. Even Dr Steere would agree that Lyme disease in its initial
descriptions by him in the 1980's may present with Meningitis and Facial nerve palsy (Bell's type
-either unilateral or Bilateral types) . Bilateral Bell's palsy - simultaneous incapacitation of cranial nerve VII is benign if it happens in Lyme borreliosis. Bilateral Bell's Palsy outside of the clinical
domain of Lyme disease is a rare condition, and may indicate an ominous medical condition which would necessitate CAT scan examination.
Infection of Primate Deep brain tissues (Medulla oblongata) by cutaneous injection of Borrelia burgdorferi has been established by the Yale University group.
Link: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.g...

Note: One of Dr Embers' co-authors is Dr. Sukanya Narasimhan, who is the lead author of the
Yale Primate Borrelia Brain transcriptome study. .[Perhaps study of the brains of Dr Embers primate study group are underway and will be issued as a separate communication. The technicalities of such a study are expensive.]
So we can find consensus that neural tissues are Fair Targets for Lyme Borreliosis.
Unfortunately, we must regretfully agree that published studies in Human Lyme borreliosis
omit Autopsy study (Partial or Complete) and we must also agree that the Least studied tissue
in standard autopsy of humans is the nervous system ( Brain and spinal cord)
Molecular tools are most efficacious in Genome study and detection in tissues supect of harboring the organism.
In any language, in any literature, in any century
the use of molecular detection techniques for Borrelia infection
in any Complete Human autopsy
is completely absent.

I say all of this to Compliment Dr Embers and her colleagues in their autopsy included Primate
Borreliosis study.
In the Human realm, Absence of Autopsy data on the extent of residual Borrelia infection,
following physician diagnosed Lyme borreliosis antemortem,
imposes enormous limits on our collective thinking about what is or is not actually going on in human tissues at time of death.______________________________________________________________________________________
In Medical training, physicians in training are required to attend Clinicopathological conferences
which reconcile the findings from autopsy study with the clinical diagnoses and clinical treatments of physicians who attended the patient during life.
Autopsy studies in the Forensic arena and in Standard Hospital Pathology practice uncover Mistakes in Medical care. Conscientous physicians admit their mistakes, as gleaned from the Autopsy study, and do not repeat such mistakes._______________________________________________________________________________________

If we seek the truth, we must incorporate Autopsy data.
Until Human autopsies in suspected cases of Chronic (antibiotic refractory) Lyme borreliosis
are performed...
[ at a molecular level which meets or exceeds Dr Embers' Primate autopsy Standards]
we are left with only one Autopsy resource, namely Autopsy data from Primates.

Respectfully submitted,
Alan B. MacDonald MD
March 3, 2012

No competing interests declared.