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What is missing here........

Posted by Osamu on 05 Jan 2007 at 23:08 GMT

(E) Western blot analysis with Thr286 phosphorylated cyclin D1 (pCycD1 Thr286) and total Cyc D1 following transfection of various forms of HA-tagged Cyc D1 expression vectors in HCT 116 colon cancer cells.

We performed western blot. Cyclin D1 phosphorylation was significantly reduced by the deletion of the D-domain (lane 4). These observations suggested that the majority of Thr286 phosphorylation in HCT 116 cells is through MAPK activity.

RE: What is missing here........

Bonnie_Real replied to Osamu on 27 Mar 2007 at 23:36 GMT

The complete figure can now be downloaded at: