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mRNA Seq Data from this manuscript is available for your analysis

Posted by stephenkingsmore on 05 Nov 2008 at 20:50 GMT

mRNA seq data sets are so large that conventional ways of allowing researchers access to the underpinning data are very restrictive.
We have created a web site that allows any investigator to search the aligned mRNA seq data. You can compare the expression of any transcript (or all transcripts!) in any groups of samples. We have provided dynamic query tools, so that you can restrict your analysis to transcripts meeting criteria such as abundance or supported only by uniquely mapping reads. You can also choose whether you would like to see mRNA seq data aligned to the RefSeq transcript database (which contains annotated transcripts) or to the genome (which includes novel exons and some novel transcripts, as well as those in RefSeq transcript). There are two export options - Excell and JMP-Genomics - depending on what type of statistical software you like to use.
The URL for this site is: http://schizophrenia.ncgr...
If you are uncertain how to use the system (called AlpheusTM), then please go to: where there is a more detailed explanation and contact information for technical assistance.
I would very much appreciate your feedback on this new way of disseminating scientific data.

Stephen Kingsmore