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Rocky intertidal diversity in Nova Scotia

Posted by scrosati on 03 Dec 2010 at 15:23 GMT

intertidal rocky shores

We recently determined the diversity of benthic species along intertidal gradients of environmental stress on the Atlantic coast and Gulf of St. Lawrence coast of Nova Scotia. Trends in the data were analyzed to test predictions made by an environmental stress model of community organization. Results have been published as follows:
(1) Scrosati, R. & C. Heaven 2007. Spatial trends in community richness, diversity, and evenness across rocky intertidal environmental stress gradients in eastern Canada. Marine Ecology Progress Series 342: 1-14.
(2) Heaven, C. S. & R. A. Scrosati 2008. Benthic community composition across gradients of intertidal elevation, wave exposure, and ice scour in Atlantic Canada. Marine Ecology Progress Series 369: 13-23.
(3) Scrosati, R. A., B. van Genne, C. S. Heaven, C. A.Watt, in press. Species richness and diversity in different functional groups across environmental stress gradients: a model for marine rocky shores. Ecography - doi: 10.1111/j.1600-0587.2010.06119.x

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