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Publisher's Note: Addition to Acknowledgements

Posted by PLOS_ONE_Group on 07 May 2013 at 19:10 GMT

The Acknowledgements section should read:

We dedicate this manuscript in memory of the late Michelle C. Knapp for her work on the systematics and diversification of Neotropical Myotis, and we thank K. Nelson for advising M. Knapp during the initial work on this project. Many colleagues from a number of institutions assisted with the collection of specimens that were used in this study, and we greatly appreciate their efforts. We especially thank Heath Garner and Kathy MacDonald (Natural Science Research Laboratory at the Museum of Texas Tech University); Raquel Marchan-Rivadeneira and Santiago F. Burneo (Museo de Zoologia, Escuela de Biologia, Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Ecuador); and Juan P. Carrera and Sergio Solari (Museum of Texas Tech University) for their help in collecting, identifying and/or lending Myotis specimens or tissues. We appreciate the assistance of the governments and institutions from many localities in the Caribbean, and North, Central and South America for allowing us to obtain tissues and vouchers, as well as conduct research. FAAK was supported through the length of this study by the Zoology graduate program in the Department of Biology, Texas Tech University, Higher Education Ministry of Malaysia and Universiti Malaysia Sarawak. Lastly, we are grateful to our reviewer B. Fenton, and to R. Moratelli for revising an earlier version of the manuscript.

No competing interests declared.