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Proteomics Data available.

Posted by aspcorthals on 28 Aug 2012 at 16:01 GMT

The proteomics raw data have been submitted to Tranche.

To the project page:


to the download:


The phylogenetic tree data have been submitted to TreeBase:

Finally, as an additional comment to the supplementary information table S2:
The data was produced from samples run on Thermo LTQ and Thermo Orbitrap XL and Scaffold (Proteome Software, Portland, Oregon, USA) was used to probabilistically validate protein identifications derived from MS/MS sequencing results using Sequest and the X!Tandem (Craig R and Beavis RC (2004) Tandem: matching proteins with mass spectra, Bioinformatics, 1466-1467) ProteinProphet computer algorithms (Searle, B. C. (2010) Scaffold: A bioinformatic tool for validating MS/MS-based proteomic studies. Proteomics, 10: 1265-1269).

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