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Posted by morgellonsjoe on 27 Jan 2012 at 16:29 GMT

My name is Joe Keleher. Professionally I am a teacher, writer and archaeologist. I had symptoms from the Morgellons symptoms set and documented my recovery (Keleher 2008a). I noted patterns found in Kellett’s 1935 article and investigated connections between historically documented Morgellons symptoms and mercury exposure ( Keleher 2008b). The article “Rethinking Delusions of Parasitosis” follows possible connections in DOP accounts. I believe these symptoms relate to biochemistry and a change in mercurial species within the body; inorganic mercury (such as related to amalgam fillings) cannot pass beyond the blood/brain barrier while organic species can (further discussion in Keleher 2011). “Approaching Morgellons: A Former Sufferer’s Perspective” was also published by the peer reviewed medical journal Explore! (Keleher 2012). Researcher can contact me through my website: I also present related materials on . My thoughts and prayers go out to those still suffering.

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