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Typesetting problems in this article

Posted by T_Niedermeyer on 03 Jan 2013 at 12:08 GMT

During typesetting of this manuscript, the PLOS ONE staff (or, more likely, the PLOS typesetting software) has made severe mistakes concerning the fragment nomenclature.

Part of the fragment nomenclature is an index stating which amino acids are part of this fragment, indicated by e.g. [1-6]. The typesetting software, however, has interpreted this as a literature reference, and now it is typset accordingly, with partly non-subscript letters and hyperlinks to the respective "references".

I have asked for correction of this mistake immediately after publication. However, nothing has happened since, and a friendly reminder has been without an answer.

I wonder why it is not possible to correct these mistakes in due time?

Kind regards, Timo

Competing interests declared: I am an author of this article.