About the Authors

Craig Leisher, Timothy M. Boucher, M. Sanjayan
Central Science, The Nature Conservancy, Arlington, Virginia, United States of America

Roy Brouwer, Rogier Vogelij
Department of Environmental Economics, Institute for Environmental Studies, VU University, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

W. R. Bainbridge
Umgano Project Advisor, Umgano, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Corresponding Author


Competing Interests

Funding included support from the Schooner Foundation that could be deemed a commercial source. This does not alter the authors' adherence to all the PLoS ONE policies on sharing data and materials.

Author Contributions

Conceived and designed the experiments: CL RB TB. Performed the experiments: RB TB RV WB. Analyzed the data: RB TB CL RV. Wrote the paper: CL RB TB MS WB.