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A frontal view of a single hemisphere of the developing Aedes aegypti fourth instar larval brain is shown. The antennal sensory neurons (red), which have been filled with the dextran dye D7162, innervate the antennal lobe (area circled by yellow dots). The antennal lobe is labeled with mAb nc82 staining (blue), a marker for the synaptic neuropil. Development of these structures was disrupted through chitosan/siRNA nanoparticle targeting of semaphorin-1a. See Mysore et al.

Image Credit: Keshava Mysore


Is Sickle Cell Anemia a Neglected Tropical Disease?

Russell E. Ware


Strongyloides stercoralis: A Plea for Action

Zeno Bisoffi, Dora Buonfrate, Antonio Montresor, Ana Requena-Méndez, Jose Muñoz, Alejandro J. Krolewiecki, Eduardo Gotuzzo, Maria Alejandra Mena, Peter L. Chiodini, Mariella Anselmi, Juan Moreira, Marco Albonico

From Innovation to Application


Contributions of the Guinea Worm Disease Eradication Campaign toward Achievement of the Millennium Development Goals

Kelly Callahan, Birgit Bolton, Donald R. Hopkins, Ernesto Ruiz-Tiben, P. Craig Withers, Kathryn Meagley

A Public Health Response against Strongyloides stercoralis: Time to Look at Soil-Transmitted Helminthiasis in Full

Alejandro J. Krolewiecki, Patrick Lammie, Julie Jacobson, Albis-Francesco Gabrielli, Bruno Levecke, Eugenia Socias, Luis M. Arias, Nicanor Sosa, David Abraham, Ruben Cimino, Adriana Echazú, Favio Crudo, Jozef Vercruysse, Marco Albonico

Research Articles

Emergence of Clinically Relevant Non-Tuberculous Mycobacterial Infections in Saudi Arabia

Bright Varghese, Ziad Memish, Naila Abuljadayel, Raafat Al-Hakeem, Fahad Alrabiah, Sahal Abdulaziz Al-Hajoj

Cooler Temperatures Destabilize RNA Interference and Increase Susceptibility of Disease Vector Mosquitoes to Viral Infection

Zach N. Adelman, Michelle A. E. Anderson, Michael R. Wiley, Marta G. Murreddu, Glady Hazitha Samuel, Elaine M. Morazzani, Kevin M. Myles

Genetic and Phenotypic Characterization of Manufacturing Seeds for a Tetravalent Dengue Vaccine (DENVax)

Claire Y.-H. Huang, Richard M. Kinney, Jill A. Livengood, Bethany Bolling, John J. Arguello, Betty E. Luy, Shawn J. Silengo, Karen L. Boroughs, Janae L. Stovall, Akundi P. Kalanidhi, Aaron C. Brault, Jorge E. Osorio, Dan T. Stinchcomb

Evolutionary Dynamics of West Nile Virus in the United States, 1999–2011: Phylogeny, Selection Pressure and Evolutionary Time-Scale Analysis

Germán Añez, Andriyan Grinev, Caren Chancey, Christopher Ball, Namita Akolkar, Kevin J. Land, Valerie Winkelman, Susan L. Stramer, Laura D. Kramer, Maria Rios

Prevalence and Diversity of Bartonella Species in Commensal Rodents and Ectoparasites from Nigeria, West Africa

Joshua Kamani, Danny Morick, Kosta Y. Mumcuoglu, Shimon Harrus

Association between Response to Albendazole Treatment and β-Tubulin Genotype Frequencies in Soil-transmitted Helminths

Aïssatou Diawara, Carli M. Halpenny, Thomas S. Churcher, Charles Mwandawiro, Jimmy Kihara, Ray M. Kaplan, Thomas G. Streit, Youssef Idaghdour, Marilyn E. Scott, Maria-Gloria Basáñez, Roger K. Prichard

Antibody Signature of Spontaneous Clearance of Chlamydia trachomatis Ocular Infection and Partial Resistance against Re-challenge in a Nonhuman Primate Trachoma Model

Laszlo Kari, Lauren E. Bakios, Morgan M. Goheen, Leah N. Bess, Heather S. Watkins, Timothy R. Southern, Lihua Song, William M. Whitmire, Norma Olivares-Zavaleta, Harlan D. Caldwell

Microproteinuria during Opisthorchis viverrini Infection: A Biomarker for Advanced Renal and Hepatobiliary Pathologies from Chronic Opisthorchiasis

Prasert Saichua, Paiboon Sithithaworn, Amar R. Jariwala, David J. Deimert, Jiraporn Sithithaworn, Banchob Sripa, Thewarach Laha, Eimorn Mairiang, Chawalit Pairojkul, Maria Victoria Periago, Narong Khuntikeo, Jason Mulvenna, Jeffrey M. Bethony

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  1. Correction: Microproteinuria during Opisthorchis viverrini Infection: A Biomarker for Advanced Renal and Hepatobiliary Pathologies from Chronic Opisthorchiasis

Seroprevalence of Entamoeba histolytica Infection among Chinese Men Who Have Sex with Men

Feng Zhou, Mufei Li, Xiangwei Li, Yu Yang, Cong Gao, Qi Jin, Lei Gao

Diagnosis of Visceral Leishmaniasis in Bihar India: Comparison of the rK39 Rapid Diagnostic Test on Whole Blood Versus Serum

Greg Matlashewski, Vidya Nand Ravi Das, Krishna Pandey, Dharmendra Singh, Sushmita Das, Ayan Kumar Ghosh, Ravindra Nath Pandey, Pradeep Das

Subcutaneous Infection Model Facilitates Treatment Assessment of Secondary Alveolar Echinococcosis in Mice

Tatiana Küster, Corina Hermann, Andrew Hemphill, Bruno Gottstein, Markus Spiliotis

Microbial Translocation Is Associated with Extensive Immune Activation in Dengue Virus Infected Patients with Severe Disease

Cornelia A. M. van de Weg, Cláudio S. Pannuti, Evaldo S. A. de Araújo, Henk-Jan van den Ham, Arno C. Andeweg, Lucy S. V. Boas, Alvina C. Felix, Karina I. Carvalho, Andreia M. de Matos, José E. Levi, Camila M. Romano, Cristiane C. Centrone, Celia L. de Lima Rodrigues, Expedito Luna, Eric C. M. van Gorp, Albert D. M. E. Osterhaus, Byron E. E. Martina, Esper G. Kallas

Prevalence of Trachoma in the Far North Region of Cameroon: Results of a Survey in 27 Health Districts

Blaise Noa Noatina, Giles Kagmeni, Marcellin Nimpa Mengouo, Henri Claude Moungui, Ann Tarini, Yaobi Zhang, Assumpta Lucienne Françoise Bella

Association of Eumycetoma and Schistosomiasis

Jaap J. van Hellemond, Alieke G. Vonk, Corné de Vogel, Rob Koelewijn, Norbert Vaessen, Ahmed H. Fahal, Alex van Belkum, Wendy W. J. van de Sande

Functional Transcriptomics of Wild-Caught Lutzomyia intermedia Salivary Glands: Identification of a Protective Salivary Protein against Leishmania braziliensis Infection

Tatiana R. de Moura, Fabiano Oliveira, Marcia W. Carneiro, José Carlos Miranda, Jorge Clarêncio, Manoel Barral-Netto, Cláudia Brodskyn, Aldina Barral, José M. C. Ribeiro, Jesus G. Valenzuela, Camila I. de Oliveira

International External Quality Assessment of Molecular Detection of Rift Valley Fever Virus

Camille Escadafal, Janusz T. Paweska, Antoinette Grobbelaar, Chantel le Roux, Michèle Bouloy, Pranav Patel, Anette Teichmann, Oliver Donoso-Mantke, Matthias Niedrig

Comparison of Individual and Pooled Stool Samples for the Assessment of Soil-Transmitted Helminth Infection Intensity and Drug Efficacy

Zeleke Mekonnen, Selima Meka, Mio Ayana, Johannes Bogers, Jozef Vercruysse, Bruno Levecke

Molecular Epidemiology and Genetic Variation of Pathogenic Vibrio parahaemolyticus in Peru

Ronnie G. Gavilan, Maria L. Zamudio, Jaime Martinez-Urtaza

Differential Activation of Diverse Glutathione Transferases of Clonorchis sinensis in Response to the Host Bile and Oxidative Stressors

Young-An Bae, Do-Whan Ahn, Eung-Goo Lee, Seon-Hee Kim, Guo-Bin Cai, Insug Kang, Woon-Mok Sohn, Yoon Kong

Disruption of Aedes aegypti Olfactory System Development through Chitosan/siRNA Nanoparticle Targeting of semaphorin-1a

Keshava Mysore, Ellen M. Flannery, Michael Tomchaney, David W. Severson, Molly Duman-Scheel

The Iron Distribution and Magnetic Properties of Schistosome Eggshells: Implications for Improved Diagnostics

Stephan Karl, Lucía Gutiérrez, Rafael Lucyk-Maurer, Roland Kerr, Renata R. F. Candido, Shu Q. Toh, Martin Saunders, Jeremy A. Shaw, Alexandra Suvorova, Andreas Hofmann, Michael J. House, Robert C. Woodward, Carlos Graeff-Teixera, Timothy G. St. Pierre, Malcolm K. Jones

Deciphering the Growth Behaviour of Mycobacterium africanum

Florian Gehre, Jacob Otu, Kathryn DeRiemer, Paola Florez de Sessions, Martin L. Hibberd, Wim Mulders, Tumani Corrah, Bouke C. de Jong, Martin Antonio

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Fine Analysis of Genetic Diversity of the tpr Gene Family among Treponemal Species, Subspecies and Strains

Arturo Centurion-Lara, Lorenzo Giacani, Charmie Godornes, Barbara J. Molini, Tara Brinck Reid, Sheila A. Lukehart

Dual Targeting of Insulin and Venus Kinase Receptors of Schistosoma mansoni for Novel Anti-schistosome Therapy

Mathieu Vanderstraete, Nadège Gouignard, Katia Cailliau, Marion Morel, Julien Lancelot, Jean-François Bodart, Colette Dissous

Phylogenetic Findings Suggest Possible New Habitat and Routes of Infection of Human Eumyctoma

G. Sybren de Hoog, Sarah A. Ahmed, Mohammad J. Najafzadeh, Deanna A. Sutton, Maryam Saradeghi Keisari, Ahmed H. Fahal, Ursala Eberhardt, Gerard J. Verkleij, Lian Xin, Benjamin Stielow, Wendy W. J. van de Sande

Rapid, Simple and Sensitive Detection of Q Fever by Loop-Mediated Isothermal Amplification of the htpAB Gene

Lei Pan, Lijuan Zhang, Desheng Fan, Xiuchun Zhang, Hong Liu, Qunying Lu, Qiyi Xu

IRES-driven Expression of the Capsid Protein of the Venezuelan Equine Encephalitis Virus TC-83 Vaccine Strain Increases Its Attenuation and Safety

Mathilde Guerbois, Eugenia Volkova, Naomi L. Forrester, Shannan L. Rossi, Ilya Frolov, Scott C. Weaver

A Real-Time ITS1-PCR Based Method in the Diagnosis and Species Identification of Leishmania Parasite from Human and Dog Clinical Samples in Turkey

Seray Ozensoy Toz, Gulnaz Culha, Fadile Yıldız Zeyrek, Hatice Ertabaklar, M. Ziya Alkan, Aslı Tetik Vardarlı, Cumhur Gunduz, Yusuf Ozbel

Post-Exposure Therapeutic Efficacy of COX-2 Inhibition against Burkholderia pseudomallei

Saja Asakrah, Wildaliz Nieves, Zaid Mahdi, Mallory Agard, Arnold H. Zea, Chad J. Roy, Lisa A. Morici

Bayesian Geostatistical Modeling of Leishmaniasis Incidence in Brazil

Dimitrios-Alexios Karagiannis-Voules, Ronaldo G. C. Scholte, Luiz H. Guimarães, Jürg Utzinger, Penelope Vounatsou

Incidence of Rabies in Humans and Domestic Animals and People's Awareness in North Gondar Zone, Ethiopia

Wudu Temesgen Jemberu, Wassie Molla, Gizat Almaw, Sefinew Alemu

Is Pregnancy Associated with Severe Dengue? A Review of Data from the Rio de Janeiro Surveillance Information System

Carolina Romero Machado, Elizabeth Stankiewicz Machado, Roger Denis Rohloff, Marina Azevedo, Dayse Pereira Campos, Robson Bruniera de Oliveira, Patrícia Brasil

A Cluster Randomized Study of The Safety of Integrated Treatment of Trachoma and Lymphatic Filariasis in Children and Adults in Sikasso, Mali

Yaya Ibrahim Coulibaly, Ilo Dicko, Modibo Keita, Mahamadou Minamba Keita, Moussa Doumbia, Adama Daou, Fadima Cheick Haidara, Moussa Hama Sankare, John Horton, Caroline Whately-Smith, Samba Ousmane Sow

Prospective Study on the Incidence and Progression of Clinical Signs in Naïve Dogs Naturally Infected by Leishmania infantum

Valentina Foglia Manzillo, Trentina Di Muccio, Sivia Cappiello, Aldo Scalone, Rosa Paparcone, Eleonora Fiorentino, Manuela Gizzarelli, Marina Gramiccia, Luigi Gradoni, Gaetano Oliva

Secondary Bacterial Infections of Buruli Ulcer Lesions Before and After Chemotherapy with Streptomycin and Rifampicin

Dorothy Yeboah-Manu, Grace S. Kpeli, Marie-Thérèse Ruf, Kobina Asan-Ampah, Kwabena Quenin-Fosu, Evelyn Owusu-Mireku, Albert Paintsil, Isaac Lamptey, Benjamin Anku, Cynthia Kwakye-Maclean, Mercy Newman, Gerd Pluschke

Relationship between Serum Antibodies and Taenia solium Larvae Burden in Pigs Raised in Field Conditions

Cesar M. Gavidia, Manuela R. Verastegui, Hector H. Garcia, Teresa Lopez-Urbina, Victor C. W. Tsang, William Pan, Robert H. Gilman, Armando E. Gonzalez, the Cysticercosis Working Group in Peru

Review of Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever Fatal Cases Seen Among Adults: A Retrospective Study

Sing-Sin Sam, Sharifah Faridah Syed Omar, Boon-Teong Teoh, Juraina Abd-Jamil, Sazaly AbuBakar

Efficacy of Anti-Leishmania Therapy in Visceral Leishmaniasis among HIV Infected Patients: A Systematic Review with Indirect Comparison

Gláucia F. Cota, Marcos R. de Sousa, Tatiani Oliveira Fereguetti, Ana Rabello

Novel Low-Cost Thermotherapy for Cutaneous Leishmaniasis in Peru

Braulio M. Valencia, David Miller, Richard S. Witzig, Andrea K. Boggild, Alejandro Llanos-Cuentas

A Novel Hyaluronidase from Brown Spider (Loxosceles intermedia) Venom (Dietrich's Hyaluronidase): From Cloning to Functional Characterization

Valéria Pereira Ferrer, Thiago Lopes de Mari, Luiza Helena Gremski, Dilza Trevisan Silva, Rafael Bertoni da Silveira, Waldemiro Gremski, Olga Meiri Chaim, Andrea Senff-Ribeiro, Helena Bonciani Nader, Silvio Sanches Veiga

Imported Human Rabies Cases Worldwide, 1990–2012

Philippe Carrara, Phillipe Parola, Phillipe Brouqui, Philippe Gautret