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Carbohydrate Recognition Specificity of Trans-sialidase Lectin Domain from Trypanosoma congolense

Fig 3

STD NMR experiments of TconTS2-LD.

STD NMR experiments with 5.5 μM TconTS2-LD were performed as described under Methods. Off-resonance (black lines) and STD NMR (red lines) spectra are shown. A: In the presence of 1.73 mM for 3α,6α-mannotriose; B: In the presence of 3.45 mM lactose; C: In the presence of 1.73 mM 3α,6α-mannotriose and 1.73 mM lactose. D: STD NMR effects for the signals indicated were determined as ratios between the intensities at the indicated ppm in the off-resonance spectra and corresponding STD NMR spectra using the software TopSpin 3.2. M1, M2, M3 and M4 stand for the NMR signals of 3α,6α-mannotriose, and L1, L2, L3 and L4 for those of lactose, for which the STD NMR effects are shown either for the single ligands (spectra shown in A and B) or for the mixture (spectra shown in C). n.d.: not determined, since in the ligands mixture the STD effect for M3 could not be determined from the spectra.

Fig 3