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Long-Term and Seasonal Dynamics of Dengue in Iquitos, Peru

Figure 5

Control effects.

A–B, The number of dengue cases in a week are plotted against the total number of cases in the subsequent three weeks. The red line corresponds to the following three weeks all having the same number of cases as the initial week (i.e. the slope is 3); the black line is the trend for weeks with no fumigation; the blue dashed line and blue points are for weeks when fumigations were conducted. Note that in B the black line has a smaller slope than the red line, indicating a natural decline of case numbers week-to-week. C, control and seasons summarized. The red line is the 1∶1 line indicating an equal number of cases in the first and second half of the dengue season, blue dots are seasons with interventions; black dots are seasons when no intervention was conducted. See Table 1.

Figure 5