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Long-Term and Seasonal Dynamics of Dengue in Iquitos, Peru

Figure 3

Correlating weekly dengue cases to climatic variables.

A, left panel: A cross-correlation map relating weekly dengue cases to PC1 on an annual basis (Pearson correlation). The median value of weekly PC1 scores most strongly correlated with dengue cases over the previous 17 weeks (a = −17, b = −1; See Methods, Analyses). A, right panel: Scatterplot of weekly cases and median PC1 at the corresponding lag. Points are transparent to illustrate point density. Dashed line illustrates the linear trend in the data, although the relationship does not appear to be strictly linear; most weeks with high case counts occurred when PC1>0. B, trimester III. C, trimester II. Layout in B and C same as A. CCMs and scatterplots for all other climate covariates and principal components are in the SI and summarized in Fig. 4.

Figure 3