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Dengue Research Funded by the European Commission-Scientific Strategies of Three European Dengue Research Consortia

Figure 2

Structure of the work packages (WP) of the IDAMS consortium.

The core of the IDAMS project focuses on parallel strategies aimed at: (1) Improving diagnosis and clinical management of dengue through two linked work packages designed a) to identify readily available clinical and laboratory parameters and/or viral and immunological markers that differentiate between dengue and other common febrile illness within three days of fever onset, and b) to identify any of the available markers that are predictive of the likelihood of evolving to a more severe disease course. (2) Assessing the risk of dengue spread though linked work packages focused on a) mapping and modeling techniques to define the current extent of dengue disease globally and to evaluate possible scenarios of spread or risk to previously uninfected regions in the future, and b) developing effective and affordable early warning and outbreak response systems. These four work packages are supported by a fifth work package dedicated to networking and translational activities to ensure that outputs from the various research activities are used to maximal advantage. A sixth work package will focus on administrative issues.

Figure 2