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Synchrony of Sylvatic Dengue Isolations: A Multi-Host, Multi-Vector SIR Model of Dengue Virus Transmission in Senegal

Figure 2

Diagram of SIR model.

The model incorporates two primate species and two mosquito species that are coupled through the blue and red cross-biting rates. Each mosquito species is assumed to have a preferred host; these transmissions are represented in black. Each transmission term incorporates two aspects: one, a biting rate between mosquito and primate which is symmetric (e.g. “mosquito 2 to primate 1”), as well as a seasonally-varying probability of infection term which is asymmetric for primates and mosquitoes. Primates recover at rate “recovery”. Mosquitoes and primates birth and death rates are represented in grey (labeled “birth” and “death”, respectively). See the text for more detail, and the Supporting Information S1 for model equations.

Figure 2