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Open Release of Male Mosquitoes Infected with a Wolbachia Biopesticide: Field Performance and Infection Containment

Figure 2

Box plots of delta values used in the BACIPS statistical analysis.

Each of the three possible combinations of site pairs is shown. For each pair, delta values are of collections within the thirty-week period immediately prior to the start of CP male release (‘Before’) and the thirty-week period during CP male release (‘During’). Delta values are calculated as the difference between population numbers at the sites, with population number indicated as ln(Female Number +1). Sites are the release site Toamaro (TOA), which received releases of CP males, and the two no-release sites Tiano (ANO) and Horea (HOR), which did not receive CP male releases. Asterisks indicate a significant difference in comparisons of the ‘Before’ and ‘During’ release periods (p<0.0001).

Figure 2