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Whole Organism High-Content Screening by Label-Free, Image-Based Bayesian Classification for Parasitic Diseases

Figure 4

Combined phenotype and motility analysis compared with visual hit assessment for larvae treated with known anti-schistosome compounds.

(A) Combined phenotype and motility scores for larvae treated with 10 µM praziquantel (PZQ; red), oltipraz (OPZ; black), methylclonazepam (MCZ; orange), Ro15-5458 (Ro15; blue), oxamniquine (OX; purple) dihydroartemisinin (DHA; yellow) and controls (M169; aqua & DMSO; green). (B) Visual assessment of hits (red) or non-hits (blue) for the wells shown in (A) with a visual hit defined as ≥70% damaged or dead schistosomula within a well [21]. Based on this, the dotted line shows the thresholds selected for definition of the hit region (−0.15 for the phenotype score and −0.35 for the motility score). N = 1500 wells across 5 plates containing anti-schistosome drugs.

Figure 4