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Female-Specific Flightless (fsRIDL) Phenotype for Control of Aedes albopictus

Figure 3

OX3688 construct and phenotypes.

A: Map of the OX3688 construct. Promoters are indicated by arrows, exons are shown as boxes, introns as horizontal lines. B: Flying phenotype of transgenic heterozygous OX3688A and D lines of Ae. albopictus after being reared with (ON) or without (OFF) tetracycline antidote. Pupae were screened to separate wild-type from transgenics, sexed, and numbers recorded (n). The percentage of flying adults was calculated as a proportion of the number of pupae. C: RT-PCR on male (M) and female (F) Ae. albopictus OX3688A-Aal pupae showing differential sex-specific splicing of the construct. RT-PCR was performed using primer pairs Diag2-ubi and Aeact4-ex1 (M1 and F1) and Diag2-ubi and Aeact4-ex1′ (M1′ and F1′) in ubiquitin and AeAct-4 exon 1. Ladder (L): DNA size marker (Smartladder, Eurogentec). Band sizes are consistent with predictions (Table S1).

Figure 3