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WormAssay: A Novel Computer Application for Whole-Plate Motion-based Screening of Macroscopic Parasites

Figure 2

Microtiter plate images and application real-time preview.

(A) Video frames of 24-well plates of Brugia malayi were recorded using the apparatus. (B) Screen capture of the software's real-time preview user interface. Green circles indicate that the wells have been detected and that the program is ready to begin recording data. The blue outline in each well is the worm (or other well artifacts) and the red color indicates the worm's movements. Mean movement units are measured in real-time and are shown for each well using the Lucas-Kanade Optical Flow algorithm. Canonical well labels determined by the well finding algorithm are drawn in teal in the preview image by the application. (There is no movement in the 2 left columns because the worms are dead due to high drug concentrations.)

Figure 2