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Molecular Epidemiology of Cross-Species Giardia duodenalis Transmission in Western Uganda

Figure 1

Dendrograms of Giardia duodenalis based on nucleotide sequences of four genes.

Trees were constructed using the neighbor-joining method [47] and a Tamura-Nei/ maximum composite likelihood distance correction, implemented with the computer program MEGA4 [29]. Numbers above or below branches indicate bootstrap values (%), estimated from 1,000 resamplings of the sequence data; bootstrap values ≤50% are not shown. Taxon names indicate species (B = black-and-white colobus; C = cattle; G = goat; H = human; R = red colobus; S = sheep; T = red-tailed guenon), followed by identification numbers. GenBank accession numbers are shown in parentheses. Reference sequences are in bold. Numbers of taxa and identification numbers are different among trees because of different amplification success among loci. Scale bars indicate nucleotide substitutions per site.

Figure 1