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science has disproved the tradition

Posted by gladmohesh78 on 19 Feb 2008 at 14:05 GMT

Traditionally, India holds the unenviable position of the origin of leprosy. The disease is thought to have then spread, via trade and war, to China, Egypt, and the Middle East, and later to Europe and the Americas

This article, introduces, saying that Indian subcontinent is the origin site of Mycobacterium leprae based upon the dated Vedic literature .The authors have stuck with the old theory. As a reader from India, I think this remark should be reconsidered. Its because of the recent discovery by Professor Stewart Cole et al , Institute Pasteur, Paris, using comparative genomics in tracking the geographical origin of leprosy. They had reaped out another conclusive idea that East Africa is the origin site of Leprosy. His study had been published as “On the origin of Leprosy”, Science ,13 ,May 2005.
Also the authors failed to correlate the economic and literacy growth rate with that of the Leprosy Eradication Programmes. I feel that, in the past 2 decades our Nations, enormous Economic and Literacy growth rate had influenced the Eradication programmes a lot, although we are yet to get it cent percent done.