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Practitioner relevant and useful study

Posted by prashanthns on 07 Mar 2013 at 12:46 GMT

My appreciations to all the authors of this study. I like the fact that there has been a collaboration between health officals of the state health department and epidemiologists to analyse existing surveillance data related to KFD. Such studies are limited (right now) to Tuberculosis and other disease-control programmes. Even in these cases, there is little involvement of the officials from the department.

Secondly, the review of current literature on KFD is very usefully presented for readers/practitioners. This is another important thing that readers-practioners like me come to a journal for.

Finally, a minor critical observation: the study's utility to practice could have been further enhanced by addressing the issues related to poor immunisation coverage of KFD in this endemic area. That is another area of concern, which was perhaps not within the scope of this study, but is very important for the people living in the area.

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