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Don't forget zoonoses!

Posted by Zinsstag on 27 Mar 2008 at 21:52 GMT

The suggestions for a global fund for neglected diseases is urgent and highly welcome. I recommend however that the list of diseases is extended to include zoonoses of which diseases like brucellosis, rabies, echinococcosis to name just a few make up a substantial share of the burden of NTDs. Zoonoses should not become the neglected of the neglected diseases. A proposal for a global concerted approach for controlling zoonoses is made in the referenced paper underneath.

Zinsstag, J.; Schelling, E.; Roth, F.; Bonfoh, B.; de Savigny, D.; Tanner, M. Human Benefits of Animal Interventions for Zoonosis Control. Emerging Infectious Diseases 2007, 13, 527-531.