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Rabies Diagnosis in Developing Countries

Posted by Bishor on 30 Mar 2008 at 06:25 GMT

Impressive Articles. The Replacement of FAT is always make the diagnosis much easier. Still the problem of handling of Rabies specimen and its processing remains. The processing of tissue for the Immunochemistry also need a good lab. In countries like india where rabies is so common in dogs and livestock, at may times this may not be possible. Another factor to be considered is the differential diagnosis of rabies from other diseses especally in Livestock. Most of the veterinary practinors routenly come across such cases and at many times, they express their helpless ness.
Recently I came across a rapid rabies diagnsotic device, based on the immunochromatography principle. But the validity of assay has to be studies, though the manufacturer claims higher sensityvity and specificity. such assays which can test rabies using saliva or other body fluid will be of great use if made at a lower cost.