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An historical form of yaws: the goundou

Posted by bmafart on 25 Jan 2010 at 17:37 GMT

I do agree with the opinion of K Harper about the difficulties of the paleopathological diagnostic for treponematoses. Caries sicca are specific lesions but not the lone. There was a historical form of Yaws, the Goundou, that was mainly observed in Sub-saharan Africa and that was specific of this endemic treponematoses. Despite a long discussion about the link between Goundou and yaws, WHO has been classified as an osteoperiostitis of recent yaws.
No one case of goundou have been published since mid 20th century in medical litterature. It belongs now to Paleopathology.
Mafart B (2002) Goundou, an historical form of yaws. Lancet 360: 1168-1170.

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