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Publisher's Note: Clarifying Strain Sources

Posted by michalsk on 21 Jun 2012 at 20:13 GMT

The B. malayi and B. pahangi strains that have been propagated at the FR3 since 1970 have been referred to by several different names (e.g., TRS, McCall, FR3); they are correctly referenced as the “FR3” strains. Both were derived from infections that Dr. John Schacher had kept in dogs and cats when he was at American University in Beirut, Lebanon, before himself relocating to UCLA in the late 1960s. Schacher originally obtained these infections from researchers in Kuala Lumpur (Larry Ash, personal communication).

The Brugia pahangi strain propagated by the FR3 was brought to the United States by John Schacher (Ash 1970) The Brugia malayi strain propagated by the FR3 was obtained from C. P. Ramachandran, Institute for Medical Research, Kuala Lampur, Malaysia (Ash 1970).

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