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Dementia across the Lifespan and around the Globe—Pathophysiology, Prevention, Treatment, and Societal Impact: A Call for Papers

Dementia is a growing problem, with 46.8 million cases worldwide in 2015 and over 131.5 million people estimated to be living with the condition by 2050. With 71% of those cases predicted to be in low- or middle-income countries, it is also a global problem. In this month's Editorial, we highlight the need for research informing dementia from all angles: identifying risk factors, understanding variation in types, evaluating interventions, developing diagnosis and screening strategies, and exploring its societal impact. We invite submission of research studies to PLOS Medicine for our Special Issue on Dementia to be published in early 2017, with Drs. Carol Brayne and Bruce Miller serving as Guest Editors.

Image Credit: dierk schaefer, Flickr