Table of Contents: December 2013

The past year has seen rapid acceleration in the rise of social media, in scholarly communication, and growing momentum behind the expectation of open data from all clinical trials, but also increasing reports of competing interests that compromise the integrity of the medical literature and continued frustration with paywall barriers.

In their editorial for December 2013, the PLOS Medicine Editors reflect on recent advances in open access to medical research and identify challenges to be addressed in the coming year.

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Policy Forums

Financing Essential HIV Services: A New Economic Agenda

Anna Vassall, Michelle Remme, Charlotte Watts, Timothy Hallett, Mariana Siapka, Peter Vickerman, Fern Terris-Prestholt, Markus Haacker, Lori Heise, Andy Haines, Rifat Atun, Peter Piot

Research Articles

Timing and Completeness of Trial Results Posted at and Published in Journals

Carolina Riveros, Agnes Dechartres, Elodie Perrodeau, Romana Haneef, Isabelle Boutron, Philippe Ravaud

HIV-1 Transmission during Early Infection in Men Who Have Sex with Men: A Phylodynamic Analysis

Erik M. Volz, Edward Ionides, Ethan O. Romero-Severson, Mary-Grace Brandt, Eve Mokotoff, James S. Koopman

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  1. Early HIV Infection in the United States: A Virus's Eye View

Major Burden of Severe Anemia from Non-Falciparum Malaria Species in Southern Papua: A Hospital-Based Surveillance Study

Nicholas M. Douglas, Daniel A. Lampah, Enny Kenangalem, Julie A. Simpson, Jeanne R. Poespoprodjo, Paulus Sugiarto, Nicholas M. Anstey, Ric N. Price

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  1. Malaria and Severe Anemia: Thinking beyond Plasmodium falciparum

Circulating Mitochondrial DNA in Patients in the ICU as a Marker of Mortality: Derivation and Validation

Kiichi Nakahira, Sun-Young Kyung, Angela J. Rogers, Lee Gazourian, Sojung Youn, Anthony F. Massaro, Carolina Quintana, Juan C. Osorio, Zhaoxi Wang, Yang Zhao, Laurie A. Lawler, Jason D. Christie, Nuala J. Meyer, Finnian R. Mc. Causland, Sushrut S. Waikar, Aaron B. Waxman, Raymond T. Chung, Raphael Bueno, Ivan O. Rosas, Laura E. Fredenburgh, Rebecca M. Baron, David C. Christiani, Gary M. Hunninghake, Augustine M. K. Choi