Table of Contents: March 2011

Two articles in this week’s PLoS Medicine discuss the issues that need to be resolved to ensure that open access can provide for global information needs—not just those of the developed world.

Leslie Chan, Barbara Kirsop, and Subbiah Arunachalam, from the Electronic Publishing Trust for Development, argue in their essay that unequal access to and distribution of public knowledge is currently governed by Northern standards, a situation that is increasingly inappropriate in what they call the “age of the networked ‘Invisible College’.” Taking as a starting point the concept that open access is sustainable and, in the way it builds independence, has the capacity to establish a strong research base, they add the caution that standards for the assessment of journal quality and relevance in new open access journals must not ignore development needs nor marginalize local scholarship.

In a linked Editorial the PLoS Medicine editors agree that much remains to be done in improving access to information in the developing world. They note that by providing a logistical framework for open access, open access publishers have thus far done much to make it possible more widely. However, they conclude that the next crucial step is to engage with readers, researchers, and authors in the developing world to better understand their information needs.

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Health in Action

The BCG World Atlas: A Database of Global BCG Vaccination Policies and Practices

Alice Zwerling, Marcel A. Behr, Aman Verma, Timothy F. Brewer, Dick Menzies, Madhukar Pai

Guidelines and Guidance

Strengthening the Reporting of Genetic Risk Prediction Studies: The GRIPS Statement

A. Cecile J. W. Janssens, John P. A. Ioannidis, Cornelia M. van Duijn, Julian Little, Muin J. Khoury, for the GRIPS Group

Research Articles

A Randomized Controlled Trial Comparing the Effects of Counseling and Alarm Device on HAART Adherence and Virologic Outcomes

Michael H. Chung, Barbra A. Richardson, Kenneth Tapia, Sarah Benki-Nugent, James N. Kiarie, Jane M. Simoni, Julie Overbaugh, Mena Attwa, Grace C. John-Stewart

Triple-Antiretroviral Prophylaxis to Prevent Mother-To-Child HIV Transmission through Breastfeeding—The Kisumu Breastfeeding Study, Kenya: A Clinical Trial

Timothy K. Thomas, Rose Masaba, Craig B. Borkowf, Richard Ndivo, Clement Zeh, Ambrose Misore, Juliana Otieno, Denise Jamieson, Michael C. Thigpen, Marc Bulterys, Laurence Slutsker, Kevin M. De Cock, Pauli N. Amornkul, Alan E. Greenberg, Mary Glenn Fowler, for the KiBS Study Team

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  1. HIV-1 Drug Resistance Emergence among Breastfeeding Infants Born to HIV-Infected Mothers during a Single-Arm Trial of Triple-Antiretroviral Prophylaxis for Prevention of Mother-To-Child Transmission: A Secondary Analysis

Effectiveness of the Standard WHO Recommended Retreatment Regimen (Category II) for Tuberculosis in Kampala, Uganda: A Prospective Cohort Study

Edward C. Jones-López, Irene Ayakaka, Jonathan Levin, Nancy Reilly, Francis Mumbowa, Scott Dryden-Peterson, Grace Nyakoojo, Kevin Fennelly, Beth Temple, Susan Nakubulwa, Moses L. Joloba, Alphonse Okwera, Kathleen D. Eisenach, Ruth McNerney, Alison M. Elliott, Jerrold J. Ellner, Peter G. Smith, Roy D. Mugerwa

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Scaling Up Diarrhea Prevention and Treatment Interventions: A Lives Saved Tool Analysis

Christa L. Fischer Walker, Ingrid K. Friberg, Nancy Binkin, Mark Young, Neff Walker, Olivier Fontaine, Eva Weissman, Akanksha Gupta, Robert E. Black

Is Economic Growth Associated with Reduction in Child Undernutrition in India?

Malavika A. Subramanyam, Ichiro Kawachi, Lisa F. Berkman, S. V. Subramanian

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Promotional Tone in Reviews of Menopausal Hormone Therapy After the Women's Health Initiative: An Analysis of Published Articles

Adriane Fugh-Berman, Christina Pike McDonald, Alicia M. Bell, Emily Catherine Bethards, Anthony R. Scialli

Mutations in Complement Regulatory Proteins Predispose to Preeclampsia: A Genetic Analysis of the PROMISSE Cohort

Jane E. Salmon, Cara Heuser, Michael Triebwasser, M. Kathryn Liszewski, David Kavanagh, Lubka Roumenina, D. Ware Branch, Tim Goodship, Veronique Fremeaux-Bacchi, John P. Atkinson