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Psychosocial and socioeconomic determinants of cardiovascular mortality in Eastern Europe: A multicentre prospective cohort study

Fig 4

Attenuation among three socioeconomic (left side) and four psychosocial (right side) predictors of cardiovascular mortality.

Created from four sequentially-adjusted models. The total height of each predictor on the y-axis (i.e., 100%) is equivalent to its association with cardiovascular mortality in model 1 (adjusted only for age, sex, and country). The yellow area represents the subsequent attenuation in association, following additional adjustment for 11 conventional CVD risk factors in model 2 (broadly corresponding to the yellow arrows in Fig 1). The green area represents the subsequent attenuation, following additional adjustment for four psychosocial variables (i.e., green arrow in Fig 1; coefficients shown in S12 Table). The blue area represents subsequent attenuation, following additional adjustment for two socioeconomic variables in model 3. The black area accounts for the unexplained part still present in model 3 (i.e., direct or nonmediated effects; black arrow in Fig 1). CVD, cardiovascular disease.

Fig 4