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Years of life lost due to traumatic brain injury in Europe: A cross-sectional analysis of 16 countries

Fig 5

Age-standardized injury YLL rates and TBI YLL rates per 100,000 persons in 16 European countries in 2013.

“Selected Injuries” includes the following causes of death: injuries to the head (S00–S09); injuries involving multiple body regions (T00–T07); injuries to unspecified trunk, limb, or body region (T08–T14); certain early complications of trauma (T79); and sequelae of injuries, of poisoning, and of other consequences of external causes (T90–T98). For sex-specific data see S1 Fig. AT, Austria; BG, Bulgaria; CY, Cyprus; DK, Denmark; EE, Estonia; HR, Croatia; HU, Hungary; IE, Ireland; IT, Italy; LT, Lithuania; LU, Luxembourg; RO, Romania; RS, Serbia; SI, Slovenia; SK, Slovakia; TBI, traumatic brain injury; UK, United Kingdom; YLL, year of life lost.

Fig 5