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Publication Bias in Antipsychotic Trials: An Analysis of Efficacy Comparing the Published Literature to the US Food and Drug Administration Database

Figure 1

Trial outcome according to the FDA versus publication status of 24 premarketing trials of eight second-generation antipsychotics.

Published trials are shown as white boxes, unpublished trials are shown as black boxes, and the trial numbers are shown within the boxes. Unpublished trials were, with one exception, not positive (either negative or questionable). Please see the text for narrative descriptions of several of these trials. Please note that the number of white boxes does not equal the number of journal articles (see text and Table 2): iloperidone trials 3000, 3004, and 3005 were published in a single journal article, and risperidone trial 204 was published as two separate journal articles, as though the US and Canadian sites constituted two distinct positive trials.

Figure 1