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Posted by plosmedicine on 06 Jan 2012 at 17:03 GMT


The following articles represent some of the media coverage that this paper has received:

Publication: CNN
Title: “A drink a day linked to healthy aging”

Publication: ABC News
Title: “Women, Wine and Longer Life: A Half Full Glass?”

Publication: Independent
Title: “Ladies, have a nightcap for your health”

Publication: BBC
Title: “A drink a day 'is good for older women's health'”

Publication: Corriere Della Sera
Title: “Donne, un bicchiere al giorno per una vecchiaia in salute”

Publication: The Telegraph
Title: “Daily tipple boosts health in old age”

Publication: Fox News
Title: “Major Study Finds Daily Alcoholic Drink Good For Middle Aged Women”

Publication: Adelaide Now
Title: “Study shows a small amount of alcohol a day is good for health”

Publication: Channel 4 News
Title: “Gin o'clock is good news for older women”

Publication: Time
Title: “Study: One to Two Drinks a Day in Middle Age Linked With Better Overall Health at Age 70 in Women”

Publication: The Conversation
Title: “A drink a day may be healthier than none for older women”

Publication: Daily Mail
Title: “Raise a glass to healthy old age: Women in their 50s told two drinks a day can fight off illness”

Publication: NHS
Title: “A drink a day and health in older women”

Publication: The Washington Post
Title: “A drink a day good for middle aged women, study finds”

Publication: The Sydney Morning News
Title: “A drink a day 'good for middle aged women'”

Publication: Los Angles Times
Title: “Moderate drinking linked to better health for older women”

Publication: Times of India
Title: “Sip wine daily for healthy ageing”

Publication: The Hindu
Title: “One drink a day may be good for women: study”

If you see any additional coverage of this paper in the press, please feel free to reply to this thread and add the link to the article.

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