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The call for dedicated leadership is an emergency

Posted by plosmedicine on 30 Mar 2009 at 23:39 GMT

Author: Mostafa Khashab
Position: Professor , MD,Ph.D
Institution: Saad Hospital, Khobar, Saudi Arabia
Submitted Date: January 29, 2005
Published Date: January 31, 2005
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I was fortunate enough to have read the article written by Dr. Shereen ElFeky. I went through it in a detailed fashion and was particularly interested in the last section about the need for leadership. In an ironic way the fight for overpopulation is becoming a second concern to the HIV spread. I see the two of them linked in particular in the endemic african continent. Just yesterday in Davos president Clinton gave his remark about the notion of giving a fraction of the money requested for the Iraqi war to Africa. I see the financial aspect very much linked to the dedicated aware leadership . We need a scientific-based approach to the problems which are originating in Africa. The political will is lacking when it comes to real concrete steps . I have so much respect for what Dr. Shereen El Feky wrote and i feel that she had very skillfully put us on the road map to the solution . Two words, these are Leadership with suitable resources. These two can create a hope to eradicate the problem of overpopulation and AIDS. I would like to see a conference of african leaders with UN secretary general and journalists from the groud meeting together to discuss how to distribute the resources and take in consideration the moral , ethical and religious factors well into account. At times, religion is taken as a weapon to destruction and is misused for political purposes. The world had seen enough of this .I would like to congratulate your editors and Dr. El Feky for eluding to her conclusions.

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