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Publisher's Note: Updated version of Text S1

Posted by plosmedicine on 27 Apr 2010 at 17:49 GMT

Supplemental material accompanying the article. Part I, overview of model; part II, overview of model parameterization, calibration, performance; part III, overview of costs and estimates; part IV, supplemental results; part V, references.

The authors have provided us with an updated version of Text S1, the supplemental material accompanying the article. Please find this updated version of Text S1 here:

The only substantive change to Text S1 is in the section entitled “Revision of 2005 estimates of MMR for India” (pages 38 to 39). Added to the table of maternal mortality ratios (MMR) reported in various sources are the MMRs reported by Hogan et al as published in The Lancet on April 12th 2010.

Other changes to the Text S1 concern the spacing, layout and formatting and the inclusion of the updated title of the main article on the first page.

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