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toxicology repression

Posted by bclee on 24 Feb 2010 at 02:16 GMT

If only policy like this had been in place among the editors and publisher of Cassarett & Doull's 'Toxicology - the Basic Science of Poisons'. This traditional text was used by many university general toxicology courses. It suffered from any mention of the carcinogenic, cardiovascular, or addictive effects of tobacco smoking for several editions until Dr. Wallace Hayes, corporate toxicologist for RJR Nabisco and author of the respiratory toxicology chapter, left to create a toxicology text with a different publisher. That a comprehensive and foremost text would omit such a significant toxicological source that is a primary contributor to the detriment of public health and resulting upward spiral in health care costs, is an amazing testament to the insidious influence Big Tobacco could have on toxicology education.

Brian C. Lee, PhD DABT
Good Afternoon Toxicology Consulting, LLC

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