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A Nice contribution to the literature

Posted by DrTodd on 15 Jan 2010 at 03:59 GMT

It's nice to see someone do a good job with this data and confirm that by and large the Surgeon General's reports of the past basically got it right. It's unfortunate that some well-established risk factors (e.g., stress, personality lack of health insurance, low income, toxins) were not included. One way to look at this is to ask individuals to change their lifestyles. Another approach is to change policy (e.g., Europe banning the most dangerous processed foods, the TV ads of the 60's are still the most dramatic smoking prevention method, recognizing that the public health interests such as banning poisonous and addictive substances should take precedence over corporate interests, reduce stress by reducing unfair economic burdens, work related stress, better treatment of mental illness etc. ...).

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