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Additional Citations to Dr. Eileen Stillwaggon's Work

Posted by plosmedicine on 30 Mar 2009 at 23:56 GMT

Author: Peter Hotez
Position: Professor and Chairman
Institution: Dept. Microbiology and Tropical Medicine, The George Washington University
Additional Authors: David H. Molyneux, Alan Fenwick, Eric Ottesen, Sonia Ehrlich Sachs, Jeffrey D. Sachs
Submitted Date: June 28, 2006
Published Date: June 28, 2006
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Shortly after publication of our article in PLoS Medicine we were contacted by Dr. Eileen Stillwaggon who made us aware of a body of her work in which she highlights the importance of helminth co-infections and their possible adverse interactions in HIV-infected individuals in resource poor settings, such as in Sub-Saharan Africa. We feel that her recent book, "AIDS and the Ecology of Poverty" published in 2005 by Oxford University Press (as well as other papers published in economics journals) are notable achievements and deserve mention alongside other papers on this topic that we referenced previously.

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