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Fighting Inflation in Scientific Findings

Posted by plosmedicine on 31 Mar 2009 at 00:30 GMT

Author: Daniel Luchins
Position: Chief Mental Health Research
Institution: Jesse Brown VAMC
Submitted Date: October 07, 2008
Published Date: October 9, 2008
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Young et al are to be commended for their intriguing article on how current publishing practices might distort science. In keeping with their analogy to economics I would like to suggest two additional 'inflation fighting' measure that were published in an opinion piece entitled "Where have All the Breakthroughs Gone."(Psychiatric Services 59:597 June 2008).One would be a disclosure by authors ( similar to a financial disclosure) of previous work that has failed to be replicated. Second would be an ‘obituary section’ in medical journals providing a follow –up on previously published articles whose conclusions have since been shown to be wrong.

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RE: Fighting Inflation in Scientific Findings

ccrutchley replied to plosmedicine on 08 Aug 2013 at 21:18 GMT

This suggestion is too superb to ever gain acceptance. Admittedly, it would be hard to monitor compliance.

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