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Response to Camargo & Bloch: Fluoxetine, Suicide and the Economy

Posted by plosmedicine on 31 Mar 2009 at 00:00 GMT

Author: Julio Licinio
Position: Chairman of Psychiatry
Institution: University of Miami
Submitted Date: September 26, 2006
Published Date: October 3, 2006
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Suicide is a complex outcome which cannot be attributed to a single factor. While we explored an association between suicide and antidepressant prescriptions, we fully acknowledge that our work does not fully explain the observed trends. However, in other settings, the same association between increased antidepressant prescriptions and decreases in suicide have been observed. Please refer to the following article, published after ours came out in PLoS Medicine: Henriksson & Isacsson: "Increased antidepressant use and fewer suicides in Jamtland county, Sweden, after a primary care educational programme on the treatment of depression" [Acta Psychiatr Scand. 2006 Sep;114(3):159-67].

I look forward to reading Camargo and Bloch's new article on the association of socio-economic factors and suicide rates.

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