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Diabetes care is still less than perfect

Posted by hsavnt on 24 Feb 2010 at 02:08 GMT

Dear Editor,

This valuable evaluation of the impact of diabetic complications shows that the long-term management of the disease is less than ideal world-wide. The sole reliance on the glycemic control is not sufficient (1) as glucose metabolites may also be toxic (2). They could contribute e.g. to the frequent polyneuropathy (3) at later stages of the disease increasing the costs of care and decreasing the quality of life of the patient.

1 Montori VM, Fernández-Balsells M. Glycemic control in type 2 diabetes: Time for an evidence-based about-face. Ann Intern Med 2009; 150: 803

2 Talasniemi JP, Pennanen S, Savolainen H, et al. Assay of D-lactate in diabetic plasma and urine. Clin Biochem 2008; 41: 1099

3 Palo J, Savolainen H, Haltia M. Proteins of peripheral nerve myelin in diabetic neuropathy. J Neurol Sci 1973; 16: 193

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