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Creating Moral Imagination in Secondary Students

Posted by Robin1 on 04 Apr 2009 at 16:12 GMT

My students have spent approximately 5 weeks covering 3 major units ultimately related to the development of a policy statement on why global health issues should be included in our state and nation's content standards.

The first unit was about the metabolic importance and function of biological macromolecules within the context of a case study on malnutrition (written by myself). The second unit of study was about infectious disease and epidemiology and the risks and challenges we face globally to find solutions to impending problems related to infectious disease, we specifically talked about the cholera epidemic in Zimbabwe. And, the last unit examined the methods scientist’s use to research, model, predict and mitigate infectious disease epidemics. These precursors provided them with a rich amount of background knowledge from which to draw their opinions and formulate their positions.

One of the articles they read to inform their statement was this one. I hope to send the video of the development of the policy statement to my state's Dept. of Ed.

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