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Posted by AnthonyZwi on 03 Nov 2011 at 13:56 GMT

I'm an author - have rated it as "4" so as to enter a relatively neutral rating.

But I'd like to encourage others to rate the article and enter comments. We are beginning to work with colleagues in other countries to refine this framework and make it more use-able at country level in different settings. I'd also like to enhance the use of this type of approach in relation to evidence-informed development.

So comments that will help enhance the insights and key aspects of the paper to promote evidence-informed policy in a variety of different types of settings would be of interest and much appreciated.

Competing interests declared: I'm an author - so have rated the article as a "4" (although I believe it's worth more :-) - but am entering a rating just to get people thinking about doing so and encouraging others to comment on it.