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Error in "Why most published research findings are false"

Posted by plosmedicine on 30 Mar 2009 at 23:46 GMT

Author: Art Owen
Position: Professor of Statistics
Institution: Stanford University
Submitted Date: September 27, 2005
Published Date: October 6, 2005
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There is an error in the Table 2 entry for the row with research finding = yes and the column with true relationship = no. Plugging in u=0 should make Table 2 equal to Table 1 but it does not. There should be parentheses starting at c alpha and ending just before the division by R+1.

The PPV formula given for Table 2 is unaffected by this error.

Despite the irony of there being an error in an article with such a title, I found the article useful. It provides a good reminder of the need to think about issues of bias and power and the ratio R.

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