About the Authors

Lawrence O. Gostin, Eric A. Friedman
O'Neill Institute for National and Global Health Law, Georgetown University Law Center, Washington, D.C., United States of America

Gorik Ooms
Institute of Tropical Medicine, Antwerp, Belgium

Thomas Gebauer
Medico International, Frankfurt, Germany

Narendra Gupta
Prayas, Chittorgarh, India

Devi Sridhar
Oxford University, Oxford, United Kingdom

Wang Chenguang
Tsinghua University Law School, Beijing, China

John-Arne Røttingen
Norwegian Knowledge Centre for the Health Services, Oslo, Norway and Institute of Health and Society, University of Oslo, Oslo, Norway

David Sanders
School of Public Health, University of the Western Cape, Bellville, South Africa

Corresponding Author


Competing Interests

Thomas Gebauer works for Medico International, a Germany-based nongovernmental organization. No other author declares a competing interest.

Author Contributions

Wrote the first draft: EAF LO. Contributed to writing the paper: LOG EAF GO TG NG DS WC J-AR DS. ICMJE criteria for authorship read and met: LOG EAF GO TG NG DS WC J-AR DS. Agree with the manuscript’s results and conclusions: LOG EAF GO TG NG DS WC J-AR DS.