About the Authors

Pontiano Kaleebu

To whom correspondence should be addressed. E-mail: Pontiano.kaleebu@mrcuganda.org

Alash'le Abimiku
Shenaaz El-Halabi
Sinata Koulla-Shiro
Nicole Mamotte
Souleymane Mboup
Roy Mugerwa
John Nkengasong
Coumba Toure-Kane
Tim Tucker
Douglas Wassenaar
Carolyn Williamson
Dawit Wolday

Competing Interests

Tim Tucker was the consultant contracted to develop the AAVP strategic plan. He received a fee for this. However, this was completed many months back, and he now has no financial connection. There is no financial benefit to him in the publication of this article. We were unable to contact Roy Mugerwa, listed as an author of this paper, before its publication. The corresponding author, Pontiano Kaleebu, has stated that to the best of his knowledge, Roy Mugerwa has no competing interests. The remaining authors have declared that they have no competing interests.