About the Authors

Mark Tomlinson

To whom correspondence should be addressed. E-mail: mark.tomlinson@mrc.ac.za

Mickey Chopra
David Sanders
Debbie Bradshaw
Michael Hendricks
David Greenfield
Robert E Black
Shams El Arifeen
Igor Rudan

Competing Interests

MT and MC have acted as consultants to the CHNRI to assist in its development and to apply this new methodology to priority setting at the national level (South Africa). REB is chairman of the board of the CHNRI, which developed the priority-setting methods described here. SEA is secretary of CHNRI. IR has been a consultant to the CHNRI, and has been leading the development of the new methodology to priority setting in child health and nutrition research. DS, DB, MH, and DG have no competing interests to report.

Author Contributions

MT, MC, and IR had a major role in writing the paper. DS, SEA, MH, and DG had a role in writing the paper. DS, DB, MH, and DG participated in the conduct and interpretation of the South African case study. REB and SEA checked the paper for important intellectual content. MT, MC, DS, MH, DG, REB, SEA, and IR approved the final version of the paper.