About the Authors

Philip C Hill, Roger H Brookes, Annette Fox, Dolly Jackson-Sillah, David J Jeffries, Moses D Lugos, Simon A Donkor, Ifedayo M Adetifa, Bouke C de Jong, Alex M Aiken, Richard A Adegbola, Keith P McAdam
Bacterial Diseases Programme, Medical Research Council Laboratories, Banjul, The Gambia

Corresponding Author


Competing Interests

RHB has a patent relating to ex vivo ELISPOT licensed through Oxford University.

Author Contributions

PCH, RHB, AF, and KPM designed the study. PCH, DJS, IMA, and AMA were responsible for field and clinical aspects. RHB, AF, MDL, BCdJ, and RAA performed laboratory procedures and interpretation. PCH, DJJ, and SAD performed statistical data analysis. All authors contributed to writing the paper.