About the Authors

Lorenzo Moja

To whom correspondence should be addressed. E-mail: moja@marionegri.it

Ivan Moschetti
Alessandro Liberati
Roberto Manfrini
Christian Deligant
Roberto Satolli
Antonio Addis
Nello Martini
Pietro Dri

Competing Interests

The Italian Cochrane Centre (ICC) was the recipient of grants from the Italian Drug Agency (AIFA) to carry out the translation of Clinical Evidence and to undertake the first survey following its dissemination. Zadig was the recipient of the contract to create and manage the ECCE program. The ICC and Zadig closely collaborated in the two projects. The ICC designed and carried out the surveys independently from AIFA and the BMJ Publishing Group. While in the contract the publication of the Italian version of Clinical Evidence was subject to approval from both Clinical Evidence (BMJ Publishing Group) and AIFA, they had no role in the collection, analysis, or interpretation of data; the writing of the report; or the decision to submit the paper for publication. Both the ICC and Zadig have scientific and cultural interests in the success of the dissemination of Clinical Evidence and ECCE, and this may have influenced its interpretation of the results.

Author Contributions

LM contributed to the evaluation of the Italian version of Clinical Evidence. LM and IM participated in the quantitative and qualitative analysis and interpretation of the data from ECCE's utilisation and drafted the manuscript. AL promoted the Italian translation, dissemination, and evaluation of Clinical Evidence, collaborated in the initial conceptualisation of ECCE, and assisted in the preparation of the manuscript. RM participated in the Italian translation of Clinical Evidence and drafted several clinical scenarios for ECCE. CD created the technical platform for ECCE. RS participated in the creation of ECCE. AA is in charge of AIFA's “independent information program” and participated in the preparation and evaluation of the Italian version of Clinical Evidence. NM is the promoter of AIFA's “independent information program”. RM, CD, RS, and AA provided comments on the final draft of the manuscript. PD participated in the evaluation of the Italian version of Clinical Evidence, had a key role in the conceptualisation and implementation of ECCE, and collaborated in the preparation of this manuscript.